USPS Is Looking For Volunteers To Handle Letters To Santa!

Letters to Santa Claus

Photo: Getty Images North America

It's no secret that Santa is a really busy guy during the holidays, which is why the U.S. Postal Service is asking for help to answer letters to Santa Claus from needy families. Volunteers can register at USPS recruits individual and group volunteers for help with getting kids Christmas gifts like many basic necessities such as a warm coat. Starting November 29th, anyone can adopt one or more of these letters. Family names and addresses are redacted, and when a volunteer adopts a letter online, a bar-coded shipping label prints out with each letter. Volunteers use it to mail gifts directly to the child or family who wrote to Santa.

Letters to Santa must be postmarked by Dec. 10 to be selected for the website. The site closes for letter adoption on Dec. 23.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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