The Hottest New Baby Name Is From These Movies

The Social Security Administration released its annual list of the top baby names.   For baby's born in 2016, Noah was the most popular name for boys, while it was Emma for girls.

However, the fastest-growing name for a boy is Kylo, as in Kylo Ren, the villain in the new "Star Wars" trilogy.  It jumped almost 2,400 spots, from #3269 to #901.   Creed, helped by the "Rocky" movie of the same name, was the second biggest jumper for boys. 

For girls, Kehlani was the biggest mover, from climbing almost 2,500 spots from #3,359 to #872.   It might have something to do with singer Kehlani Parrish.

The name on the list that dropped the most was Caitlyn, regardless of which of the four ways you spell it.   All four dropped out of the top 1,000.   

Here are the most popular South Carolina baby names today:

1       William                                Ava                   

2       James                                  Olivia                 

3       Mason                                  Emma                

4       Noah                                    Madison             

5       Elijah                                    Elizabeth            

Contrast that with the top names in the Palmetto State 25 years ago in 1992::

1       Christopher                           Ashley                         

2       James                                  Brittany                               

3       Michael                                Jessica                        

4       Joshua                                 Amber                         

 5       William                                Kayla



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