Michael Vacca

This month's Hometown Hero is Michael Vacca. Nominated by his Mom. See below the Hometown Heroes submission:

My hometown hero is my son, Michael Vacca. After he graduated from Fort Dorchester High School, he went into the Air Force. Not only has he been in the military for 14 years, but he has done it as a first responder in the Security Forces. Michael has won numerous awards, including Airman of the Year at Ellsworth Air Force Base. He doesn't think of himself as a hero, a hero never does. He has put his life on the line too many times to count and always thinks of the safety of the troops he leads, co-workers, superiors, but most of all, his country. He's definitely my hero, but then again, I'm his mom and I'm so proud of what he does on a daily basis to help secure our country and our freedom. Michael Vacca is my hometown hero!




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