Just 30 Seconds A Day ... If You Can Take It

In 30 to 90 seconds, you can positively impact your health, energy level, brain chemistry, and attitude.  How? With an icy cold shower.  A blast of 38 degree icy cold water that causes you to gasp for air, and you withstand it for at least 30 seconds.   Some of the benefits:

• It triggers deep breathing which in turn increases your oxygen levels, your heart rate, and your overall cardiac function.

• It improves circulation and helps your arteries more efficiently pump blood.

• It lowers blood pressure, boosts your immune systems.

• Repeated cold showers have been shown to toughen you up, increasing your resilience to stress, or what’s called hardening.

• It activates your brown fat, which is the good fat that increases you metabolic rate so that you can burn more calories.

Learn more about the difference 30 seconds can make, read the entire article from Inc clicking here.


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