Easter 2017 Fast Facts

Here are some interesting (at least we hope they are) facts about Easter: 

  • Easter is the most popular Church days of the year. 51.9% of adults plan to attend.
  • 188 million eggs will be purchased for dyeing and decorating this year.
  • The average amount spent by someone celebrating Easter this year is $152.
  • Almost 9 in 10 people believe the proper way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny is ears first.

While we love the him, children believe less in the Easter Bunny than they do Santa Claus of the Toot Fairy.   According to a new Delta Dental survey, among kids under 12, 71% believe in Santa, 70% believe in the tooth fairy, while 58% know the Easter Bunny is real.     Children between three and five are most likely to believe in all three, with 68% believing in the Easter Bunny.


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