Hallmark Movies Inspire Grandma To Do Something Special This Christmas

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A North Carolina woman is taking a cue from her favorite Hallmark movies in order to find a boyfriend just in time for Christmas.

Petra Sutherland is a 73-year-old grandmother, and searching for a partner after watching all the characters in the films find their "happy endings."

"I was sitting here, watching one of those Hallmark Christmas movies, and I couldn’t help but think it might work for me," Sutherland told The Charlotte Observer. "I believe in living happily ever after, which is what you see in those movies. I thought: Why not try it in real life? Maybe I’ll find my dream guy."

Inspired by the all the movies, the self-described "Hallmark fanatic" took to Nextdoor.com - a social network tailored to finding locals in your neighborhood - and posted: "Wanted A Boyfriend For Christmas! Please send a message. Thank you."

"I would love to have a companion by Christmas, but I’d take one tomorrow if I could find one!" Sutherland told PEOPLE. "I don’t know how to go about it, because I was always married, and I probably don’t even know how to really date or anything like that."

Sutherland has been married three times, with her last marriage ending in 2005 after 29 years. She works as a customer service representative, and said her busy work schedule had hindered her ability to enter the dating scene.

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