Where Can You Find the Cheapest Beer?

South Carolina has the cheapest gas prices in the nation, but as we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July, how does the Palmetto State rank with another fuel - beer?

Simple Thrifty Living put together a study measuring the average cost of a 24-pack of 12 ounce cans of Bud Light and Miller Lite, two of the most popular domestic beers, in each of our 50 states.     They used two national retailers, Total Wine and Walmart, and averaged out the prices from 10 different stores in each state.  

South Carolina's average price was $15.96, which ranked the Palmetto State as the 5th cheapest in the nation, just behind North Carolina at $15.23 a case.     The cheapest beer in the country is in Michigan where the average cost of a case is $14.62.    The most expensive beer - $21.98 a case - is in Pennsylvania.  

Check out the entire Simple Thrifty Living story here.


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