Anonymous Dunkin' Donor Pays It Forward with $4,000 in Gift Cards

I think most of us have paid it forward at the drive-thru by paying for the person behind us in line... And hopefully we've been on the receiving end of that random act of kindness as well...

But Dunkin' employees in Beavercreek, Ohio were shocked on a recent Friday afternoon when a guy came in with $4,000 worth of gift cards and asked that they be used to take care of other customers until the money was gone.

“We just kept asking if the donor was sure he wanted to pay this much forward to guests,” said Samantha Owens, Dunkin’ Store Manager. “He explained that the last year has been difficult for everyone, and in return, just wanted other Dunkin’ guests to feel good for one day and pay this donation forward to them.”

So how long did the $4,000 last?

From about 4pm on Friday until 10am Saturday morning.

“When customers heard that their orders were taken care of, they asked to pay it forward to the person behind them, but we had to explain that they were taken care of as well,” said Owens. “It was hilarious because all anyone wanted to do was pay it forward, again.”

The anonymous donor hasn't returned to that Dunkin' location, but his grand gesture of kindness definitely sparked a wave of generosity in the community. The store has seen a significant increase in the number of people asking to pay it forward to the next customer since his visit.

Source: Dunkin' Newsroom

While we're on the subject of Dunkin'...

Hope you have a great day... and remember... not only do random acts of kindness spark joy in you and the person you're being kind to, they also have a domino effect and inspire others to be kind too!