Ellen Catches a Guest Stealing, and Calls Her Out


I love Ellen. She is one of my favorite celebrities...and I'd love to meet her or attend a taping of her show. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body...however, some fans say she crossed the line recently by publicly shaming on one of her audience members. 

Here's what went down. Ellen set up a hidden camera in the lobby. There was some Ellen Show swag on a table with sign that read PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE ITEM as a way to commemorate your visit.  Well, not everyone was honest. One woman in particular helped herself to several items. Ellen called her out. 

Okay...yes, that was uncomfortable to watch...but some could argue she brought that on herself by taking more than she was supposed to. Before you attack Ellen for how she handled the situation, I want to tell you what I think actually happened. 

I don't think the "thief" was a "plant". I think she was a real guest who really did take more than one item. However, I don't think she was ambushed. I think the producers probably approached her, told her she was caught on camera and asked her if it would be okay for Ellen to make fun of her...and she agreed. 

Courtney Starr

Courtney Starr

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