Get $20,000 For Going Through This Haunted House

If you can make it through McKamey Manor they'll pay you $20,000 dollars.

Billed as the scariest haunted attraction in America, McKamey Manor is in Summertown, Tennessee. Sure, it must be really, really frightening, but 20 grand? Before you start counting your cash, consider:

  • No one is allowed in without passing a physical
  • You must sign a 40-page waiver detailing everything that will happen to you
  • You must also pass a drug test and background check
  • You must show proof of medical insurance
  • You have to watch a two-hour movie of past 'victims' who quit before completing the tour.

Each experience is tailored to that person's specific fears. It takes 10 hours to make it through the entire attraction. According to the owner, the average person lasts about 8 minutes.

If you dare, you can request a tour here.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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