Imagine Going 12 Months Without Having To Pay Rent!

How would you like to have your rent paid for the next year? Keystone Light is attempting to help ease the burden of getting older and having responsibilities by giving away 13 grand prizes of free rent for a year.

To enter to win, visit, or enter through Snapchat with purchase of Keystone Light. Simply snap the code on the point-of-sale display to access the sweepstakes’ site. You'll be then given a keyword you can enter for your chance to win free rent for a year or other prizes. 1 50 runner up winners will win a “getting older transition pack,” complete with a Keystone Light-branded inflatable chair, shower curtain, Hawaiian shirt and “can”delier, a chandelier made of Keystone Light cans.

You have now through September 29, 2019 to enter.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

Wake up with Brian Cleary playing Better Music for a Better Workday on the Y Morning Wakeup!


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