When It Comes To Working Around Your Home, Are You an Average American?

Do you think you're above, below, or just average when it comes to doing work around the house?

In the summer months, the average American does 53 hours of manual labor around their home and yard each month. That's the findings of a new study of 2,000 Americans by OnePoll for Cub Cadet.

Nearly a full day every month, 21 hours total, including 5 hours of laundry, is devoted just to home-related tasks. Eeven more, 32 hours, including 6 mowing the lawn, goes into keeping the yard looking fresh. And, according to the study, if you were being paid the federal minimum wage for all that work, you'd earn $384.25 each month, before taxes.

Check out the entire survey and article in the New York Post.

Americans And Manual Labor
Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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