Pancakes for Just 58 Cents Today!

Get a short stack of pancakes today for just 58 cents.

IHOP is celebrating its “Panniversary” today. In honor of their 61st anniversary, participating IHOP’s will sell short stacks - three buttermilk pancakes - for 58 cents from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m today. The deal is dine-in only and is limited to one per person while supplies last.

A short stack usually costs $5.79.

On IHOP's Facebook event page it also mentioned “We don’t just have 1950s prices, we’ve got 1950s lingo too. So cruise on through, daddy-o. It’s gonna be the bees’ knees. The cats’ pajamas. Totally aces.”

IHOP's 58 Cent Pancake Deal
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Brian Cleary

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