Use a Hash Tag and You'll Be Helping Create a Million Dollar Donation

You can help a dollar to be donated to charity simply by using #Something Good on social media!

It's all part of the 25th anniversary of "Life is Good," a clothing company started by two guys in Boston in 1994. They will donate one dollar to charity every time someone posts with the hashtag "SomethingGood" on social media. All the money goes to the Life Is Good Kids Foundation, which helps victims of early childhood trauma. Plus, along with the hashtag, you're encouraged to post something positive, like, good news from your life, or just something that might encourage other people. They'll donate up to $1 million if a million people post between now and November.

So share #SomethingGood on social media, or through the Life Is Good website .

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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