Look At Those Eyes - How Can You Resist This Sweetie???

Thursday might be my favorite day of the week, and for one reason - I get a visit from the Charleston Animal Society.

Today, Vincent - we're friends now so he's Vin - paid a visit to the Y Morning Wake-Up. Kay Hyman from the Charleston Animal Society brought him by in hopes of finding a new home for him. Plus, she brought by his recent report card as well.

And, Kay shared information on this weekend's state wide Pick Me SC! event, sponsored by the Petco Foundation, that has a goal of finding homes for 1,500 pets across South Carolina. Vin can be adopted this weekend fee waived.

Learn all about Vin and Pick Me SC in our Y Morning Wake-Up Podcast. And check out our video with Vin below.

Vincent's Report Card
Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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