What's South Carolina's Most Boring Tourist Trap?

The website Far and Away has come up with a list of the most boring tourist trap in each of our 50 states. Here in the Palmetto State, it's found in Beaufort.

The Kazoo Museum: Far & Wide says its claim to fame is that it features 200 examples of the instrument. But, who wants to look at 200 kazoos?

Other states on each side of South Carolina

North Carolina: Land of Oz Theme Park in Beech Mountain. Its claim to fame: One of Dorothy’s 10 original blue dresses was destroyed by a fire there in 1980.

Georgia: Lunch Box Museum in Columbus, Its claim to fame: Houses all 450 “official” collectible lunch boxes, released between 1951 and 1985, featuring character designs like Mickey Mouse and Popeye?

Check out the entire state by state list from Far & Wide here.

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Brian Cleary

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