Make A Child's Day By Sending a Birthday Card

Think about joining Team Freddie.

Freddie Taylor is a 2 year old patient at MUSC Children's Hospital. He was born with down syndrome and in January of this year was diagnosed with leukemia. But Freddie is a fighter and is currently undergoing his second round of treatment and waiting to get the OK from his doctors to go home.

Freddie turns 3 this Friday, June 14th, and his mom Joanne is asking you to send him a card to keep him busy on his birthday and bring him a little fun and excitement. He loves music, minions, and books. His favorite movie is Secret Life of Pets.

You can send a card directly to Freddie’s room at the hospital:

MUSC 7B Children’s Hospital

165 Ashley Ave

Charleston, SC 29425

Team Freddie is on Facebook here.

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Brian Cleary

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