Let Someone Else Do Those Chores We All Like to Avoid

Part of being an adult is some of responsibilities you and I have to deal with - grocery shopping, laundry or housecleaning - things that can sometimes get in the way of fun. So Blue Bunny®, known for bringing fun to the freezer aisle, is taking on those boring, everyday tasks to give you more time to have fun.

Throughout the month of May, Blue Bunny is giving away 700 digital promo codes good for a $75 credit at TaskRabbit.com. That's the website that connects you with freelancers who are willing to do a variety of those jobs. They giveaway limited quantities of the codes each day, and will continue to do so through May 31st.

"At Blue Bunny, we think ice cream should be loaded with toppings and life filled with fun," said Jamee Pearlstein, senior brand manager for Blue Bunny. "Now we're giving ice cream fans the chance to take a boring task off their to-do list so they can have more time for fun and to do what they actually want to do (eat ice cream!)."

If you'd like the opportunity to have one of your tasks done for you, absolutely free, thanks to BlueBunney just visit BlueBunny.com/TaskForce.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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