Which Easter Candy Is Best (and Worst) For You Child's Teeth

This Sunday is Easter, one of the biggest candy days of the year. So which is the best, and worst, candy for your child's teeth.According to the expert dentists at Aspen Dental:


Hollow chocolate bunnies, peanut butter filled eggs, and creme filled chocolate eggs.

They do the least damage to your teeth because chocolate dissolves fairly quickly and is less destructive to the enamel and teeth. Even better, go with dark chocolate as it has less sugar and some brands have bacteria-fighting compounds that can help prevent cavities.


Jelly beans and sugar-coated marshmallows.


Hard sucking candies are bad, as sucking on candies exposes your teeth to sugar for longer.Plus, taffy and caramels, which notoriously get stuck in your teeth, are guilty of the same, as are sour gummies!

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