McDonald's & La-Z-Boy Have A Couch That You'll Want

In an effort to prove "going out is overrated," McDonald's and La-Z-Boy have teamed up for the ultimate sweepstakes to give you your very own "McDelivery Couch" The couch is designed for maximum relaxation and is fully-equipped with all your night-in necessities. That includes light-up cupholders, adjustable seats, and a cozy branded blanket. Plus, built-in phone chargers for all food ordering purposes, La-Z-Boy's stain-resistant fabric iClean, and McFlurry Chillers - coolers built into the couch's center consoles meant to keep your McFlurry at an optimal 33 degrees.

If you'd like to win the "McDelivery Couch," get on Twitter and share with McDonald's the menu item you'd enjoy while reclining on your new couch. And make certain to tag #McDeliverySweepstakes, @UberEats, and @McDonalds. You can enter once a day now through April 8th.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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