Exactly What Time is Wine O'Clock?

So, exactly when is "Wine O'Clock?"

A OnePoll study of the wine drinking habits and behaviors of 2,000 Americans concluded that the ideal time to enjoy a glass of wine - "Wine O'Clock" is 6:59PM.

This same survey asked people about life’s little moments, and 65% named enjoying a glass of wine as their best little treat, making it number one on the lit of Americans’ top 20 little luxuries. Wine came out on top over moments such as getting a massage, indulging in dark chocolate, and even putting fresh sheets on the bed.

From that poll, here are the top 5 of life's little pleasures:

  • Drinking wine 65%
  • Being home to watch my favorite TV shows 56%
  • Home-cooked meal 55%
  • Going shopping for myself 51%
  • Reading a book 51%

See the entire top 20, and learn more about the poll from SWNS digital.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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