Fly Anytime You Want, Free, For an Entire Year!

You can be one of three people who win unlimited flights for a year on JetBlue.

The airline that today celebrates its sixth anniversary of flying out of Charleston International Airport has just launched their new contest. You and a friend can fly anywhere you want on JetBlue between April 1st of this year and March 31st of next year, as often as you want. But, to win, you have got to totally wipe out your Instagram.

To enter the contest, start by deleting or archiving every single photo from your Instagram account. Then, take an image JetBlue made that says "All You Can [blank]." You enter by filling in the blank with what you'd do with unlimited flights if you won, like "All You Can Beach" or "All You Can Taco." Then put that on your Instagram account, and have that as your only post until March 9th.

Get all the contest information from JetBlue here.

JetBlue All You Can _________
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