The Perfect Combination of 80s Music and Food

Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat.

Sweet Cheddar of Mine.

According to , those are just two of the cheeses that are on sale now, for a limited time at Aldi. If you're a fan of 80s music and cheese, get to one of the Lowcountry Aldi locations as soon as possible. Aldi’s has released its Happy Farms Preferred ‘80s Smash Hits Cheese Assortment. Other flavors Included are the Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina, Pour Some Gouda on Me, and Total Eclipse of the Havarti.

These are $3.49 each, and will only be available for a limited time. You can order yours online right now with a click here.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

Wake up with Brian Cleary playing Better Music for a Better Workday on the Y Morning Wakeup!


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