Write A Letter, Win This Home!

Taking inspiration from the movie “The Spitfire Grill,” a Canadian woman is giving you the opportunity to win her home.   

The $1.3 million dollar 5,000 square foot home in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, features a wine cellar and scores of windows to accommodate the mountain views.    With a $19 dollar entry fee, you’re invited to submit a 350-word letter explaining how winning the Millarville, Alberta, Canada home will change your life.   However, one condition of the contest is that she receives at least 68,000 entries, enough to cover the cost of the home.     If that happens, 5 percent of the profits from the contest will be donated to the Calgary Women’s Shelter.

Here's where to enter your letter to Write A Little, Win A Home.

Write A Letter, Win A Home
Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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