How Much Will You Spend On Commuting In Your Lifetime?

A new study from has an estimate on how much you and I will commute in our lives,  and how much it will cost us.    

Here in Charleston, based on average commute round trip being 16 miles, you'll spend $114,304 on going to and from work over your lifetime.

The average American will . . .

1.  Commute to and from work about 11,250 times over their career.

2.  Spend 408 days of their life in their car for those commutes.

3.  Spend $108,727 in gas and maintenance.

4.  And drive 173,203 miles.  That's the equivalent of driving around the world seven times.

Check out the entire study with a click here.

Cost of Commuting
Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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