Which Thanksgiving Recipe Are You Searching For?

The Kitchn, a foodie website, analyzed Google searches from this month to figure out the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in every state. 


1.  The most popular is stuffing or dressing, the top search in 13 states

2.  The top search in four states is pumpkin pie.

3.  "Salad" is number one in two states:  Washington and Utah.      I hope they aren't searching for "tossed salad" - even I can make without a recipe. 

4.  Some state are searching for non-traditional things - the top Thanksgiving search in Arizona is "ham" . . . in North Dakota, it's          "punch" . . . and in Delaware, it's "keto brisket."

Most searched here in South Carolina:  sweet potato casserole

North Carolina: dressing

Georgia: green bean casserole

Ohio: pumpkin pie

Check out what each of the 50 states is searching for by clicking here.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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