Who Do You Trust?

Allegedly, there's a lot of fake news out there, so when it comes to TV news, who do you trust?     The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult have asked that question of more than 2,200 adults.

38% said they watch network news daily while 32% said they tune in to cable news daily.    Out of the 49 news anchors, the top three most trusted anchors are: 

3.  Robin Roberts, ABC . . . 28% very trustworthy, 32% somewhat

2.  Anderson Cooper, CNN . . . 29% very trustworthy, 27% somewhat

1.  Lester Holt, NBC . . . 32% very trustworthy, 30% somewhat

As part of the survey, people could also vote for each anchor as being "Not At All" trustworthy.      The Least Trustworthy Anchors:

3.  Don Lemon, CNN . . . 25% don't trust at all

2.  Rachel Maddow, MSNBC . . . 26% don't trust at all

1.  Sean Hannity, Fox News . . . 30% don't trust at all

You can check out the complete survey results with a click here.

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