Carolina Tops Clemson in One Football Poll

There is one place that South Carolina outranks Clemson in football, but it's not on the AP Top 25.    The Gamecocks are currently not ranked while Clemson has dropped from number two to number three in the latest rankings.    Alabama is number one, while Georgia jump passed the Tigers to number two.   Clemson did receive 3 first place votes in this weeks poll.

College football is big business.    According to Forbes, college football’s 25 most valuable teams generate a combined $2.5 billion per year in revenue, and they clear more than $1.4 billion per year after expenses.

That's the one area where the Gamecocks currently outrank the Tigers.   On the Forbes list of the 25 most valuable college teams, South Carolina ranks 15th, just behind # 14 Penn State.    Gamecock football generated $90 million in revenue between 2015 and 2017 and earned a $50 million dollar profit.      Clemson did not make the top 25.

The top 3 programs according to Forbes:

1.  Texas A&M Aggies . . . Revenue: $148 million, Profit: $107 million

2.  Texas Longhorns . . . Revenue: $133 million, Profit: $87 million

3.  Michigan Wolverines . . . Revenue: $127 million, Profit: $75 million

Take a look at the entire Forbes Top 25 here.

South Carolina Gamecocks
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