If You Love Pasta, You Need This

Are you ready for the return of the "Never Ending Pasta Pass."   For the third year in a row, Olive Garden will offer them up.   For $100 dollars, you can buy a pass that lets you eat at Olive Garden as much as you want for eight weeks.      And, for this year, they've added a new pass, and this one lasts an entire year.   For $300, you can eat at Olive Garden as much as you want from September 24th of this year through September 22nd of next year.    Both passes include unlimited pasta, breadsticks, soup, and salad - the only thing you need to pay for is your drinks and any desert.      Assuming you eat at Olive Garden four times a week, the regular pass means you're spending $3.13 per meal.   With the year long pass it's just $1.44.

The passes go on sale tomorrow afternoon at 2, put they are limited.  Only 23,000 eight-week passes and 1,000 year passes will be sold.      Just visit PastaPass.com ... and good luck!

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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