What Someone's Favorite Music Can Tell You

On today, the first day of school, is your son or daughter looking down the road at their career?     Will they choose a profession that will make them a lot of money?     There may be a different indicator you can use.    According to a new study by TDAmeritrade, you can predict how much money someone makes by their favorite type of music.

1.  Classical fans make an average of $114,000-a-year.

2.  Electronic, $92,000.

3.  Rap and hip-hop, $69,000.

4.  '80s and '90s, $67,000.

5.  Hard rock, $65,000.

6.  Pop, $61,000.

7.  Country, $58,000.

Get the complete breakdown on the survey thanks to Moneyish.com.

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Brian Cleary

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