It Might Be The Best Food Truck Ever!

What food truck is available for weddings, birthday parties, tailgates, family reunions, employee appreciations, corporate events, and bar and bat mitzvahs?     The Waffle House Food Truck.

If you've got a private event, you can enjoy your Waffle House favorite menu item from their food truck.   It's all part of the Atlanta-based company catering services.     On the Waffle House website:  "Our newest and most popular addition to Waffle House is our FOOD TRUCK! Used for private events only, the Food Truck brings our unique experience right to YOU!! We can pull up and cook your desired menu choices for you and your guests."

There's a $90 dollar rental fee, a $50 dollar an hour charge based on mileage to and from your event, the duration of your event and set up time.   Plus, since we're outside of Georgia, you may have to pay the lodging expenses for the Waffle House staff.

Learn more by visiting the Waffle House Catering website.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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