Harry Potter Fans - Build Your Own Hogwart's Castle

Are you ready to build your own Hogwarts Castle?

Lego announced its new 6,020-piece castle, certain to thrill Harry Potter fans, will be in stores on September 1st.     Hagrid's hut and the whomping willow are a part of the set.    Plus, through the back of the buildable Hogwarts Castle, you'll have access to the potions classroom, Chamber of Secrets, and the Great Hall.    In addition to the castle, the set includes 27 "microfigures," including Harry, Ron and Hermione Granger, plus five dementors and Aragog the spider.

The Hogwarts Castle set is a little on the pricy side - retailing for $399.99.

Check out more photos from Mashable.com.

Lego Hogwart's Castle
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