Is Your Job Making You Look Fat?

If you're putting on some pounds, is your job to blame.    According to their annual survey, says workers thing so.

The results of this year's survey show 49% of women, and 40% of men say their current job has made them gain weight.        Over half say they've gained more than 10 pounds because of their job, and almost 20 percent say more than 20.  

What is making us gain weight at work?     Here's the top ten reasons according to the survey:

  1. Sitting at a desk all day.  
  2. Being too tired to exercise because of your job.
  3. Stress eating and snacking too much.
  4. No time to exercise.
  5. Dipping into the office candy jar.
  6. Eating out for lunch too often.
  7. Workplace celebrations, like birthday parties with cake.
  8. Skipping meals because of time constraints, which messes with your metabolism.
  9. Too many post-work happy hours.
  10. The pressure to eat stuff your co-workers bring in, like donuts.

Which or those 10 are you guilty of?     Definitely 2, 3 and 4.    And maybe not pressure, but who wants to insult a co-worker by not eating the food they bring in?

Read the entire survey results from here.

Businesswoman eating burger at desk  (Getty Images)
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