Who Do You Trust?

How many people do you trust in your life?    A study, conducted in England, shows the average Brit trusts just 4 people in their lives.

Researchers discovered that 97 per cent of people believe they are honest and reliable.   However, when it comes to trusting others, those same people believe they can only rely on a handful of people.  

  • 47% of Brits believe they can confide in their mother
  • Only 36 per cent say the same about their dad.   
  • 24% believe their dog is someone they can believe in
  • Just three percent think their boss can be trusted

This same survey revealed the top signs that show we absolutely trust a person:

  1. We'll give them a key to the house
  2. We'll ask them to watch our pets while we're on vacation
  3. We'll tell them the passcode to unlock our phone.

You can read all about the survey in The Sun by clicking here.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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