Is Your Favorite Vegetable South Carolina's Favorite?

What’s the most popular vegetable in South Carolina?   According to Green Giant, it’s broccoli.    

A new survey out just in time for National Eat Your Vegetables Day on Sunday asked almost 4,000 Americans to pick their favorite vegetable.   It turns out the Palmetto State isn’t the only place where broccoli is popular.   It’s the most popular vegetable 24 of our 50 states.    Corn is the second-most popular, being the favorite in in nine states.    Potatoes are the most six states, including North Carolina, but not Idaho.    The favorite vegetable in the state known for potatoes in peas.    

No surprise, celery, spinach, and kale are not the most popular in any state.     Check out information about the full survey with a click here.

Favorite Vegetables By State
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