Has Your Son Or Daughter Ever Cost You $36 Million?

He tossed fireworks in the forest, inadvertently setting off a the massive Eagle Creek wildfire that burned for a month and destroyed 48,000 acres in Oregon.   

Now, after pleading guilty, a 15 year old now knows the price he must pay – more than 36 million dollars. 

That's the sentence handed down by the judge in the case, after the teen pleaded guilty to 12 misdemeanors.    He must also serve 1,920 hours of community service and five years of probation under a plea deal.     The Hood River Juvenile Department has been court ordered to set up a payment schedule.    However, "the court can grant a full or partial satisfaction of the restitution judgment after 10 years" if certain conditions are met.      Those being that he doesn't get into any more trouble and pays what he can over the next decade.      

As you can imagine, lots of people have opinions on this.    The Oregonian has the complete story here. 

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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