Your One Click Can Bring 50 Grand to the Lowcountry

Starting today, you can help a Summerville teen who continues to make a huge difference in the fight against hunger in the Lowcountry.      Katie Stagliano, the founder of Katie's Krops, was selected as one of five finalists competing for $50,000 in the General Mills Feeding Better Futures Scholars Program.     Katie's Krops not only teaches students about agriculture, but grows produce for soup kitchens and people in need, not only here, but in 31 states.     Last year, Katie's Krops donated close to 39,000 pounds of produce.    Along with the donation, the winner also receives a mentorship and is provided the opportunity to share their work at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Beginning today, and continuing through May 15th, you can vote, once a day, each day for Katie's Krops at Feeding Better Futures.    The winner will be announced in June.

If you're not familiar with Katie's Krops, it's worth 3 minutes of your time to watch this video.

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Brian Cleary

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