What Would You Do To Get a Raise?

More than a third of us would give up our right to vote in all elections for life in exchange for an immediate 10% pay increase.   That's according to a new survey conducted by the online lending site LendEDU.     The average American salary is $52,000, so a 10% raise would be an extra $5,200 a year. 

Some of what we'd give up for a raise:

  • 12%  would give up/break up with their significant other.
  • 73% would give up alcohol for five years.
  • 48% would give up all caffeinated products for the next two years.

Take a look at other things that people would give up by clicking through to the LendEDU story here.

5% of people in this survey would eat a Tide Pod for a 10% raise - we don't recommend that!

Display of Money (Getty Images)
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