Which Of the 5 Late Night Hosts Would You Trust?

April is National Car Care Month, and, for some reason, the non-profit Car Care Council wondered which late night TV host you would trust to work on your car.     They commissioned IMR Inc., an automotive market research company, to ask that question of more than 22,000 vehicle owners.

The obvious answer would be Jay Leno, the late night motor head.   But since he's retired, he wasn't a part of this survey.    Here's how the five late night hosts ranked:

  1.          Jimmy Kimmel       (27.6%)
  2.           Jimmy Fallon        (27.4%.) 
  3.          Stephen Colbert    (19.6%)
  4.          Trevor Noah          (14.3%)
  5.          James Corden       (11.2%)

Check out the entire survey by clicking on the National Care Car Council web site.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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