Are You A Star Performer At Work?

How do can you be sure you're doing good things at work?   The boss never provides that kind of feedback.    So Business Insider has put out a list of the 11 key signs that you're a star performer — or at least you're on the way to being one.       

Here are five of their suggestions:

  • You come to meetings with solutions — not problems
  • You don't spend all day in your inbox
  • You can say 'no' to your boss — without being disrespectful
  • You make sure you're contributing to your boss' success
  • People are trying to network with you

How would you score yourself with these 5 items?     Check out the entire list of the 11 here.

Female designers fist bumping in conference room meeting (Getty Images)
Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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