Which of Our 50 is the Most Sinful State?

Which of our 50 states is the most sinful?    The financial website Wallethub has made a comparison of all our states across 38 different indicators to make that determination.   The data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to share of the state's population with gambling disorders.

Overall, the most sinful state is the Sunshine State, Florida.   California ranked second while Nevada was third.    South Carolina ranks 27th on their list.    Our most sinful area here in the Palmetto State is "Anger & Hatred," where we rank 7th.

  • Florida is # 1 in Jealousy
  • Nevada is # 1 in Greed
  • Tennesse is # 1 in Anger and Hatred
  • Texas is # 1 in Lust
  • Ohio # 1 in Excesses and Vices

Check out the entire list of 50 on the Wallethub.com web site.

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