What Do We Want Most For Our Smart Device?

The feature we want most in our smart device hasn't changed in more than 2 years.    YouGov.com's new survey, asking the feature people wanted most on their smart device, has the same answer the last time they asked the question, in September of 2016.     It's longer battery live.  

41% of people want a longer-lasting battery, which is down from 46% in 2016.   The rest of the top five:

2.  A shatterproof screen, 20%.

3.  A better camera, 15%.

4.  For the whole phone to be waterproof/water-resistant, 13%. 

5.  More hands-free technology, 5%.

Some people either believe their device to be perfect, or had other things in mind, as the remaining 6% of respondent said "none of the above."  

You can check out the entire survey results at YouGov.com.

Woman On Smart Device (Getty Images)
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