Granny Panties Are Now In Vogue!


Comfy undies are having a moment and  more shoppers are going for full-bottomed briefs instead of thongs.  Women have always known that briefs are more comfortable than g-strings, but now it’s finally trendy to show off your modest skivvies and more women are wearing them with pride. So if you want to buy your lady love  some sexy undergarments this Valentine’s Day, maybe granny panties are the way to go.

According to data from retail data company EDITED,  the number of thongs selling out online decreased 27% in 2017 and stock  of undies described as “high-waisted” increased 8.7%. And that’s  because we all really just want to be comfortable.

“It’s not about modesty,” explains Katie Smith,  Retail Analysis and Insights Director for EDITED. “Women are prioritizing activity and function over the classic, oversexualized shapes of thongs, push-up bras and plunging bras.”

High-fashion brands like Calvin Klein  and Dior are in the granny pants game, and models were hitting the  runway wearing granny pants under see-through dresses at Paris Fashion  Week last week. So granny panties could be the perfect Valentine’s Day  present - trendy, sexy, and most of all, comfy.

Source: Moneyish

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