Hair Color, Covers, Song Length - Bet On It All!

Sunday will be one of the biggest gambling days of the year as millions of dollars will be bet on the Super Bowl.   But the big game always features more than just bets on the game's final score.   Among the non-football things you can make a wager on this Super Bowl Sunday:

1.  What color will Pink's hair be when she sings the National Anthem?

'White or Blonde'

Pink or Red

Blue or Purple

Brown or Black


White or Blonde is the current odds-on favorite at 5-to-4

2.  Will Pink be airborne at any point during the National Anthem?

Singing in the air is uniquely Pink, but probably not for the National Anthem.    'No' is at 1-to-4 odds.

3.  Will Justin Timberlake cover a Prince song during halftime?

Minneapolis is the home of Prince - will he pay homage to the Purple One?    'No' has much better odds, at 1-to-3.

If you want to put some money down, or see some of the other "interesting" wagers you can make, just click through to the Bovada sports betting site.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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