The Hawks Need Your Help

Y1025 is a huge supporter of school choirs throughout the Lowcountry.    Recently, the choir from Hanahan High was selected to be a part of a special holiday performance at Disney World in Orlando.   Shortly before the trip, a corporate sponsor had to back-out, leaving the choir short of funds for the trip.    Jennifer Proveaux, the director of the choir, joined us on the Y Morning Wake-Up to share what you and I can do to help.     Listen to what she had to say by clicking here on our Y Wake-Up Podcast.

To assist the choir, send a check, made out to Hanahan Chorus Department, to Hanahan High, 6015 Murray Ave, Hanahan, SC 29410.    You can e-mail Jennifer for more information - click here for her contact/e-mail.

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Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary

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