The Top Ten Up and Coming U.S. Cities

What are the 10 most up and coming cities in our country?   Yelp, the site where anyone can rate and review local businesses, thinks it has the answer.     They released a new report which introduces a new way to measure the economic health of cities using millions of data points from they information the site gathers.     According to Yelp!, they are able to show both the current climate for business and also forecast what the outlook is going forward.

Here are the Top Ten Cities:

1.  Charlotte, N.C.

2.  Jacksonville, Fla.

3.  Omaha, Neb.

4.  Orlando, Fla.

5.  Charleston, S.C.

6.  Las Vegas, Nev.

7.  Tampa, Fla.

8.  Dallas, Texas

9.  Salt Lake City, Utah

10.Houston, Texas

Charleston ranked 2nd in Automotive and # 1 in Event Planning & Services and Home Services.    Check out the entire story from Time Magazine here:

Yelp Inc. Illustrations Ahead of Earnings Figures
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