What Should South Carolina's Official Beer Be?

There are plenty of state things – A state flower, state dog, state song, etc.    One thing there isn't, at least here in South Carolina, is a state beer.    So the website Thrillist has gone ahead and picked the "official" beer of every state.   The requirements they made –

  •          It has to have originated in the state.
  •          It has to be enjoyed by the citizens who live therein.
  •          It can be something you can only find during certain seasons.   
  •          It has to be widely available  

The beers selected aren’t necessarily the "best" beers brewed in the state, but fit that criteria.  

According to Thrillist, the official beer of South Carolina should be: 

Westbrook Gose, 4% alcohol, brewed in Mount Pleasant.    Here's their description of this beer:

Nothing cuts through the hazy heat of a South Carolina summer like a cold can of this forgotten German-style sour turned "hot beer trend" turned mainstay on tap lists and store shelves everywhere. There’s a reason they ship so much of it to other states looking to do the same. 

In our neighboring states, Thrillist selected Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale for Georgia and for North Carolina Fullsteam Humidity Pale Ale.      In Ohio, it is  Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

Check out the entire 50 state list by clicking here

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