Must See Movies For Kids Up to Age 11

"Mary Poppins"

"Star Wars; A New Hope"

"E.T. The Extra Terrestrial"


These are just some of the movies that your son or daughter should watch.

Into Film is an organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to giving every child and teen from 5 to 19 the opportunity to experience film creatively.     Working with film industry experts, their programming teams has created the "Must See Movies Before You Grow Up" list.   It's 50 family films suitable for children up to age 11.  

They break down their list into groups like "Classics," "Adventure" and "Heroes and Villains."

To see the complete list, including the 46 movies that go with the 4 listed above, simply click here.

And the Bill Murray movie?    "Space Jam," of course.

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