Tori Spelling Slams 'Horrific' Claims She 'Trashed' Rental Home

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Tori Spelling is hitting back at the "totally false" and "horrific" claims that she "trashed" her former rental property — and she has the receipts to prove it.

On the latest episode of her misSPELLING podcast, the Beverly Hills 90210 alum slammed recent reports from the Daily Mail that she "trashed" the temporary home she was staying in with her children, saying that while she isn't always the cleanest person in her "chaotic" life, she would never leave a house in such disarray, per Entertainment Tonight.

"Granted, I have five kids. We have animals and I never profess to be the cleanest and most organized person," she said. "It's a messy, chaotic life. But we lead with our hearts and I would never trash somebody's property."

Spelling added that the stories not only affected her life her children's lives as well. She shares five kids — Liam, 17, Stella, 16, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7 — with ex-husband Dean McDermott, whom she filed for divorce from earlier this year after 18 years of marriage.

"My kids are affected. They go to school, you guys. These fake stories don't help," she said.

Spelling even brought her former landlord, Katie, onto the podcast to debunk the rumors, with the temporary housing manager also calling the reports "crazy." She added that Spelling was a "great tenant" and that she had "nothing but good things to say" about her experience with her, per Page Six.

"I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my life," Katie said. "We replace furniture all the time in these properties... This is actually crazy to me that anybody would take the time to take pictures of a debris pickup from the city."

Spelling added, "Putting out false stories is just incredibly awful and hurtful on a really deep level to people. I usually don't say anything... this one I'm like, 'This is too much.' This really pushed me as a mom."

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