Joe Jonas Recounts Hilariously Awkward Interaction With A Fan

Photo: Getty Images

Joe Jonas proved just how relatable he is after recounting a hilariously awkward interaction he recently had with a fan.

Jonas took to his Instagram over the weekend to share a "story time" video explaining his embarrassing exchange with a fan ahead of the Jonas Brothers tour stop in Minnesota, simply captioning the post "pain," per People.

"So, I was walking out of a brewery this afternoon here in Minneapolis and someone stopped and asked for a photo. We took a photo; she's lovely," he said, before revealing his awkward mix-up. "And then on the way out she said, 'Have a good show tomorrow,' and I said, 'You too.' And she might be a performer — I don't know. But it's pretty much the equivalent of when you're checking in for a flight and they're like, 'Have a safe flight.' Then you're like, 'You too,' and you just feel like you wanna die inside."

Anyone who's ever said "You too" after a movie theater attendant says "Enjoy the film" or a waiter says "Enjoy your meal" knows Jonas' pain. As it turns out, however, Jonas wasn't totally wrong. The alleged fan saw his post and, laughing, commented that she is "somewhat" of a performer and had a "big game" the next day, so everything was all good. In her own post about the exchange, she told Jonas, "Don't worry, we've all been there."

Unfortunately for Jonas, this isn't the only awkward interaction he's had with a fan recently. Earlier this month, he shared another video explaining what went down when he ran into a fan inside CVS and they said he looked "crazy" in person. While he wondered if that was supposed to be a compliment, some commenters suggested the fans was just "starstruck" and meant it was crazy to see him in person.

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